Saturday, July 31, 2004

Microsoft Outlook Alternatives

"Are you looking for an alternative to Outlook Express for reading and sending email? That Microsoft freebie isn't exactly state-of-the-art, even when compared to email programs that are given away free. Spam, security, and special features are better in many of the non-Outlook email tools..." This article at includes reviews of PegasusMail, Eudora, Incredimail, Gmail, Mailblocks, and Hushmail [NewsDay Article]

Friday, July 30, 2004

Are Gmail Accounts Bought on eBay Being Disabled?

From "I guess buying my invite on eBay was the reason I've been banned. I missed it in the Google Terms of Service that buying an invite to Gmail was against the rules..." [Read More at]

Thursday, July 29, 2004

ZealMail Offers 3 GB for $3 a month

"The space race in Web-based email continued today when ZealMail unveiled a new $3 USD per month email service that offers 3 MB of space for email. This storage allowance is significantly greater than bigger-name rivals, but users have historically been reluctant to pay for Web-based email systems. For example, Hotmail has both free accounts and fee-based accounts with more space and more options, but Hotmail's free accounts vastly outnumber its fee-based accounts."
  • ZealMail Article at
  • ZealMail - Official Web Site
  • Should Yahoo Users Switch to Gmail?

    The Radicati Group recommends that Yahoo users not switch over to Gmail because Yahoo is a "life management portal" and Google is primarily a search engine. Radicati however, did note that Google's new service replaces Yahoo's intrusive graphic ads with text-only ads, and Gmail has ten times more free storage than Yahoo Mail, even after Yahoo's recent space upgrade [Internet Week Article]

    Yahoo Offers 1-GB Free Email in China

    Yahoo has increased the storage space available through its free Yahoo email service - ONLY IN CHINA - from 100 megabytes to 1 gigabyte, matching the storage space to be offered by Google's new Gmail service. This article at ZDnet predicts that Yahoo users elsewhere in the world may not get to enjoy the same benefit anytime soon.... [Read Full Article at]

    Personal Information in Yahoo - Hotmail - Gmail

    Kevin Fox compares the required and optional personal information collected by Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail when a new account is created [Article at]

    POP/SMTP Gmail - What's the Point?

    From the Gmail-Users forum at Google Groups: "I'm sure I'm missing something, but I just don't get the point of using GMail if you are simply going to use POP access. Doing that will make two of Gmail's best features - the features that make GMail unique - irrelevant..." [Read More at Google Groups]

    Wednesday, July 28, 2004

    Secure Your Gmail Account Against Spammers

    Seven steps you can take to prevent spam from overrunning your beautiful new Gmail account. From "To protect myself from SPAM in my Gmail account, I've implemented a system which should defeat 99.9 percent of spammers" [Article at]

    New User Says - Gmail Interface is Intuitive

    "Gmail is a pleasure to use. It is much faster than most other webmail services, but this probably depends also on the still limited number of users and it will be interesting to see how it scales up.The interface is intuitive and at some point you stop missing folders..." [Read More at]

    Tuesday, July 27, 2004

    New User Says - Gmail is OK But Not Great

    WHAT ONE NEW USER SAYS ABOUT GMAIL: "I have Gmail and use it occasionally. I don't use it for my main email but instead I use it for temporary stuff or when I don't trust a person or company with my real email address. I also use it to keep spam out of my real email account and it's really helped with that. Do I care if they scan my email so they can target advertising to me? Not really. What are they going to learn? "Oh wow, they know that I emailed Charlie and Rich about getting new inline skates, how horrible. My life is ruined". Gmail is not great, and I'm not going to replace my normal email with it, but it has its uses and it performs those tasks well." [Read More in Our Forum]

    Non-Google Gmail - Gospel Music Association

    The weekly members-only email newsletter sent by the Gospel Music Association (GMA) is called "GMAil". For more information see the official Web site of the Gospel Music Association's GMAil newsletter. To see their Gmail logo, connect to the GMA home page and scroll down one or two screens.
  • GMAil Newsletter
  • GMAil Logo (from their home page)
  • Monday, July 26, 2004

    Non-Google Gmail - ProNet Analytics

    This is not really "new news" - it's from last April - but here goes anyway... a small company in the United Kingdom, ProNet Analytics, a subsidiary of The Market Age, claims they have trademarked the name "Gmail" and according to them, they have have been using it for their email service since 2002 (from

    Non-Google Gmail -

    Look at this! Another Web site is using the name "Gmail" for a product that is not the Google Gmail service: But uhhhh... when I do a "whois" lookup that domain is owned by Google! I'm wondering if this product has *always* been owned by Google or (as I suspect) Google took over owning the domain name at some point. Does anybody know the story behind this?
  • A Non-Google Product?
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  • Sunday, July 25, 2004

    How to Get a Gmail Invitation

    It's not necessarily easy to get your own Gmail account and user name, but there's still hope for people who want to participate in the testing and evaluation of the new Google electronic mail service.

    Web Based Email Pros and Cons

    A new article by Lou Dolinar in Newsday says Web-based email is a doubled-edged sword that it is probably more suitable for individuals than corporations [Article at]

    Saturday, July 24, 2004

    Gmail - Get It If You Can

    "The exclusive gentlemen's club in cyberworld has a just got itself a new address: In the fast and furious competition that often ensues between the netizens' myriad of status symbols, the email service being offered by search engine Google has emerged a clear winner...." [India Tribune Article]

    News About Gmail

    Google press releases and news from other sources about Google's new free Web Based electronic mail service. A beta (test) version of the service was released to a limited number of users in April for an evaluation period that some rumors say will end in September or October of 2004.

    Articles About Gmail

    Articles on the Web about Gmail including features about Gmail privacy, what makes Gmail different than other Web-based email, the pros and cons of Gmail, and more.

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    Please tell us about your Gmail articles, forums, tools, Web sites, and any other important Gmail resources we have missed, so we can link to them in the appropriate section of [Contact Us]

    Write an Article About Gmail

    If you have written any articles, reviews, tutorials, or commentaries about Google's new Gmail service, and you agree to let us publish them at, you will retain the copyright to the material, and we will create a special "Contributing Author" page for you at that will list and describe all of your articles about Gmail, Google, and related topics. If you like, we can also include your bio, photo, contact information, and Web site link on that page [Contact Us] Was Launched in July of 2004

    The Web site first appeared on the Web in July of 2004, and its purpose is to be a hub of information for Gmail users all over the world.