Thursday, September 23, 2004

Is Google Developing Its Own Browser?

There is a strong rumor circulating that Google may be developing its own browser based on the open-source Mozilla code. Adding fuel to that rumor is the fact that Google owns the domain name and even more so the fact that Google recently recruited and hired four employees away from Microsoft including key Internet Explorer development team member Adam Bosworth.
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  • Gallina Turns Gmail Into a Blogging Tool

    Programmer Jonathan Hernandez of Mexico has created a tool that turns Google's Gmail service into a blog. Jonathan named his software "Gallina" and he has posted a demo and the open source code on his Web site at (NOTE: Before you use your Gmail account for a purpose like this I recommend you consider how Google might react...) [Article at]

    Thursday, September 02, 2004

    What I Think About Gmail So Far

    I have been using Gmail for about two months and I am quickly becoming addicted. Here is why Gmail is turning out to be the best email solution I have tried so far [Read Full Article]

    Is Google Developing an Instant Messenger?

    If you believe recent comments in discussion boards and blogs across the Internet, Google is developing an IM product that would allow them to complete a communications platform that includes Gmail (Google's Web-based email system) and Orkut (Google's community networking portal [Article at]